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We are development arm of EmmaCare - innovative US-based startup developing an exciting new solution in the HealthCare IT market based on Business Intelligence technologies and gamification.

Our startup is unique solution is poised to capitalize on the market opportunity with a mission-driven solution targeting the patient population with chronic diseases and in-recovery and help manage daily routine for the majority of the players in the Remote Patient Monitoring market.

Covid-19 has been a catalyst in the Remote Patient Monitoring world. The adoption of new remote solutions has moved from a cutting-edge care solution to the mainstream. So in cooperation with our customers, we have adapted and overcome and continue to grow.
Founded by successful professionals with deep experience in software development and healthcare
Great opportunity to join the company at an early stage and grow technically and professionally with us.
Challenging startup environment in HealthCare with the ability to help real people.
We are striving to implement all required best practices in both the technical and management side.
Development is fully in-house with early-stage technology development.
Ability to influence a product with a fast feedback cycle.
Zero bureaucracy.
Fair market salary.
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